Why are we different?

We have been running our workshops since 2011 and have built up a very good reputation between working professionals and actors. We pride ourselves on bringing in the busiest and best people in the industry.

We are different because we are the only company to really focus on 'on camera' workshops. We believe it is important for actors to be put on tape as much as possible so they can feel more prepared for their real auditions. The format for these workshops usually consist of a brief intro, scenes to camera, then end with a Q&A. We will send a private link to your scene the following day for you to watch yourself back and learn.

Not all of our workshops are this style as every teacher has their own way of running their workshop and these will be clearly labelled before you book it.

We are also the only company to provide an agent panel for actors to meet, perform and get instant feedback from top agents.

Come and try one of our events to see for yourself!


Mixing Network workshops are a great way of polishing your audition skills.

Karen W.

I always learn a great amount each and every workshop I do with Mixing Networks. I absolutely love every workshop I do!!

Scott W.

A great place to stay active with your craft by putting yourself in front of top professionals in a mock audition environment.

Jessica C.

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